Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

The Certificate IV in Training and Assessment



is a nationally recognized qualification in Australia delivered online or face-to-face.

Trainers delivering nationally recognized courses are expected to hold the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.

The history of the VET and the arrival of the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment 

Australia is a leading country in the development of training standards for Workplace Training And Assessment.

Standardised, professionally developed training courses in the workplace leading to a nationally recognised certificate foster job satisfaction, boost morale and self-confidence, promote equal opportunities and professional advancement. More importantly, they improve quality of service, and safety.

All Governments, irrespective of political affiliation, understand the benefit of a well-trained workforce. For this reason, there are now many government-funded initiatives aimed at developing a skilled workforce and encouraging people to study more to improve their careers by undertaking courses that lead to a certificate IV in training and assessment qualification.



Certificate IV In Training and Assessment Relevant To All Trades

Nationally recognised standards and the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment have become the requirement for all training and assessment activities among Government, law enforcement, military and business organisations.  The availability of nationally recognised training programs has also increased dramatically.

So employers at all levels now require candidates to produce a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment certificate during job interviews and skills evaluation.

More and more people, both within and outside the adult vocational industry are now studying nationally recognised courses, obtaining the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and seeking RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning).

This is particularly true with industry trainers involved in the design of in house programs, and workplace inductions.












    The Certificate IV in Training and Assessment provides unmatched skills in vocational training and assessment


Studying and practicing for the Certificate IV in Training And Assessment

There are no educational prerequisites for attending the Cert IV course, other than fluency in the English language. Standard literacy and numeracy skills also apply.  It is important to realize that a Certificate IV course is considered to be an advanced qualification in adult education.  Cert IV qualifications lead to the Diploma level courses.

The course is non-industry specific and is not designed to teach you a particular trade. It is ideally suited for accomplished professionals in their field of expertise.

A unit of competency includes all the skills that students are required to demonstrate for a particular topic. Each unit has a code that distinguishes the unit from all the others. All these codes will appear on your Certificate IV in Training and Assessment certificate.


For example, the unit TAELLN411 Address language, literacy and numeracy skills

Each course also has a code. For example, TAE40110.

Students who complete one unit of competency of the Certificate IV Training can then move on to study the next unit.

Each morsel of knowledge builds on the skills achieved in the previous unit. This methodical training system enables students to easily build their skills.

Both distance and face-to-face Certificate IV in Training and Assessment TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment programs help the participant benefit from delivering lessons in simulated classes environments …

  • learning about the various modes of how the mind learns (visual, kinesthetic, auditory, etc.)
  • Using and interpreting training packages, charts, and tables.
  • Resourcing study material
  • Analysis and assessment of evidence
  • Listening to students,
  • How to ask questions
  • How to conduct assessments
  • Participating in simulated training programs and workshops

All the activities of the Cert 4 Training and Assessment are conducted in a supportive environment aimed at boosting the participant’s self-worth and confidence.