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Study Certificate IV in Training And Assessment distance education

Distance education via the Internet has been identified as the future of adult education.  Statistics show that the interest in open learning courses with certificate outcomes has increased dramatically.  

People who lack the opportunity to study in a traditional setting are now able to improve their careers and obtain better job opportunities and career advancements.

It is a fact that 95% of our students who opted to study the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment distance learning program with us would have never been able to obtain the qualification in a normal class environment.

This means that over 4000 people in Australia would have been disadvantaged had the Cert IV Training and Assessment distance course not been made available via distance education.

Certificate IV in Training And Assessment distance popularity

Open Learning has become very popular model of delivery for the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment distance program because it allows students to self manage their study time.

This style of training is also economical because all the books and resources for the open learning training and assessment course can be downloaded easily and inexpensively.

Time is a major barrier to learning for many people wanting a certificate in training and assessment.

Attending traditional classroom style sessions is simply not an option for those employed full time day jobs, stay-at-home parents, and those with special needs.

Lots of participants choose to participate in the training and assessment course distance education program because they feel more confident and comfortable studying at home.

Distance education offers people the ability to receive information more efficiently and flexible assessment activities.

Distance learners can watch a presentation over and over again as well as typing and indexing notes.

Certificate IV in Training and Assessment distance education – the benefits.

Our Certificate IV in Training and Assessment distance earning students enjoy additional services seldom found even in university courses.

For example, our Certificate IV open learning students enjoy their own private cyber room, access to and web based library and resources, a chat-room, and an internal email system connecting the student directly to the tutor.


Cert IV in training and assessment

Certificate IV in training and assessment distance education

Certificate IV in Training and Assessment distance not suitable for all

It is important to note that distance education is not suitable for everyone and requires a great deal of self-discipline and commitment to study.

For this reason, our student services staff conduct a thorough information session to alert prospective students of the challenges involved in self-managed study programs. This happens before the applicant is formally enrolled in the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment distance education course. The interview has proven to be an invaluable strategy, helping prevent misunderstandings, disappointments and waste of company’s resources.


training asssessment cost

Searching for Certificate IV in Training and Assessment Distance Learning Cost


Training and Assessment Cert IV

Blended delivery

Blended delivery is available to Certificate IV in Training and Assessment distance learners who favour a mixture of face-to-face and open learning delivery. The blended mode will include some classroom course attendance as well as distance delivery.

This style of delivery is quite popular with self-employed people and senior professionals who have more time to dedicate to their education and to attend face-to-face workshop activities.



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Course fees for the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment distance education

We discuss the topic of fees in another separate post. The fee for the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment distance program has been heavily discounted in the last two years due to fierce competition. In 2010 the fee for the Certificate IV was an average of $1900. University delivered programs were as high as $3000. In 2014 the fees have dropped dramatically as low as $500.

From time to time industry or government will subsidize the course. Those eligible for the Certificate IV level subsidized program will not have to pay a fee.

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Certificate IV in Training and Assessment distance

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