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Written by Alexander Wilon

Topics: Certificate IV in Training and Assessment Online

Training certificate – is it nationally recognised?

The above logo signifies that your Certificate IV in Training and Assessment  training certificate is nationally recognised. You must also receive a list of the units of competency you achieved. These must be printed on your training certificate.  If they are not printed on your training certificate, that training certificate becomes invalid.

Several students who applied for RCC with us were horrified to learn that the training certificate they submitted for recognition of current competency was invalid because the issuing RTO had failed to list the competencies. 

The listing of the competencies is only one aspect that makes a training certificate compliant.

Under the new TAE10 Guidelines all RTOs are given strict guidelines about what must appear on the qualifications they issue.

What to do if your training certificate is non-compliant

If after reading this article you realize that your certificate is non-compliant, contact the RTO who conducted your course and ask them to issue you with a new certificate, you can also ask for a transcript.

RTOs are legally obligated to issue you with a compliant Certificate IV in Training and Assessment qualification; therefore the new qualification must be issued free of charge. If the RTO refuses to issues you with a new compliant qualification contact ASQA for assistance.

Before enrolling in the program ask the RTO for their national registration code.

Always check this code for currency in the Australian Government Register. View the page at

Additionally, check that the RTO is authorised to conduct the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.

Also, check that the RTO is authorised to conduct the courses and the units that interest you.

RTO’s must lodge an application and undergo an audit before they are authorised to deliver a TAE program. If they pass the audit the unit number is added to their “Scope”.

However, the scope of an RTO can change after an audit, and some units of competency may be removed from their scope.

This does not alter the state of registration of the RTO, so they will still appear in the National Register. However, they may no longer be authorised to conduct the courses that have been removed from their scope.

You can easily access the National Register and check an RTO credentials by yourself. Simply log on the Government website and carry out a search. You can do this anonymously because the site does not require log-in or registration.

Authorities governing the VET in Australia are doing an excellent job at monitoring and ensuring that RTOs comply and adhere to the strict standards of the new TAE package.

Recently a lot of attention has been focused on ensuring that RTOs comply with the requirements governing course duration and RPL activities.

This means a consistent standard for the certificate IV qualification and a more confident, competent and safer workforce.


Accepting a training qualification document – a warning to employers.

Before accepting a training certificate as being valid, make sure to validate it with the Registered Training Provider who issued it.  First check that the RTO is a real RTO by checking their credential on the Government database. 

Then contact the RTO and ask them to validate the training certificate submitted to you by the job applicant.  

The sale of fake training certificates and even university diplomas and qualifications is now a thriving industry.  

The quality of these certificates is so good, even university administrators can be fooled. Take a look at this video below and you too will be amazed at how good a fake training certificate can be.

Additionally, free blank training certificates are widely available online.  Whilst the quality of these is nowhere near that of the professional forgeries, anyone skilled in the use of graphics software can easily create a fake certificate which will pass scrutiny if faxed or transmitted via E-mail.

The Safecity’s Training Certificate Template includes a scanned image of the participant located on the reverse side of the certificate.  We also list all the units of competency as required by TAE10 training package.  However, an image of the certificate holder is not mandatory.

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training certificate