Certificate IV in Training and Assessment Cost

Searching For The Best Certificate IV In Training And Assessment Cost

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Getting the best value for money and securing the services and skills of an ethical and reliable course provider is highly desirable for all professional vocational trainers.

There is no question that learners who receive the most comprehensive and up-to-date training excel in their careers.

And, of course, there is no argument that saving money in fees is a beneficial aspect of any learning experience.

With more than 16 years of experience in delivering vocational education courses and helping more than 4,000 students achieve their qualifications online, we feel confident that this article and subsequent posts will provide valuable suggestions to all prospective students who are eagerly searching for the perfect training and assessment online program.


Cheapest Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

Certificate IV in Training and Assessment $500


The benefit or researching your course cost

By researching and evaluating the cost and the benefits offered by various providers we are also likely to get a “feel” of the provider’s general attitude and level of care.

This is because the way information is presented on a website tells you a great deal about the style of training and assessment that the course provider has adopted.

If the information is easy to understand and explained in a logical series of steps and avoids unnecessary words that are difficult to understand, your study material is likely to reflect that standard of communication.

It is a well-known fact that people seldom change their adopted standards for communication–this includes speaking, advertising, promoting, teaching as well as learning styles.

Even when such people are not directly involved in the writing of the information or conducting the education program, they will select or approve a style of communication that they feel is appropriate.

For example, we prefer using easily understood words wherever possible. We also believe that information is best served in small morsels and in logical steps.

We believe that students enjoy learning more if they can clearly see the reasons why they are learning the skills, and how learning these skills will help them better serve their future students.


This attitude reflects in the images we choose, the study material we approve, they way we communicate with our partners and students, how we conduct assessments (with a respectful attitude), our policies and guidelines and all other aspects of our business.

The number of registered providers delivering  Cert. IV in Training and Assessment courses has increased to several thousand in recent years.


Certificate IV in Training and Assessment Cost

Searching for Certificate IV in Training and Assessment Cost

By knowing what to look for during the selection process you stand best informed in making a suitable selection.

Prior to the explosion of the number of RTOs, there was little-option about the cost and the fees involved.

The cost of the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment was very high, with some of the larger organizations requiring payment in advance of up to $3800 per course.

The arrival of thousands of RTOs offering online and face-to-face classes produced healthy competition, as well as triggering the predictable price war. This in itself is healthy and we welcome it entirely.

Our attitude has always been that “Knowledge Belongs To All”.  Indeed we always felt that the cost of learning the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment was exorbitant.  The high fees charged prevented many low-income people from entering the industry and achieving new skills.


The enrolment process was also lengthy and complicated and the style and design of the delivery were rigid with few pathways for online delivery and distance education.   Furthermore, study units relevant to skills in literacy and numeracy had not yet been fully realized in the VET and these important subjects were often left out.

Thanks to the arrival of ASQA and the many initiatives at streamlining the management of adult education in Australia, many great advancements have been possible in the VET sector. 

Today the qualification is cheaper, more flexible and it includes a unit of competency dedicated to literacy and numeracy.  Furthermore, the enrolment process can be completed online quickly and efficiently.


 Knowledge should be free.  This could become a reality in the future

Cost vs course quality
However, with the arrival of cost-cutting, price wars and cut-throat competition, the issue of “quality of delivery” has become a serious concern for both training authorities and employers.

We are now observing that the competition factor is shifting from “offering better value and quality of service” to cut-throat competition.

So when an RTO advertises a course for $600 competitors will promptly lower the fee to $595 and so on.

This kind of street market competition will inevitably lead to hurried tutorials and lower quality student services as well as assessment shortcuts.  It will also force reputable RTOs who do offer quality training out of business or force them to abandon offering the Training and Assessment qualification altogether.

The end result will be damage to the industry, inferior graduates and an out of control sale of certificates for money.

Whilst most course providers are ethical and caring about their learners, there are also those who are opportunistic in nature and who have no intention of remaining in the industry long term.

Their only intention is to collect as much profit as possible and exit the industry or make as much profit as possible until they are de-registered by the training authorities.

There is ample evidence to suggest that where there is an opportunity for quick gains it will always attract the attention of those who wish to exploit it.

The  TAE40110 training and assessment qualification is now a required for trainers delivering nationally recognized courses in Australia.

This guarantees a guaranteed market of people that must attain the qualification in order to retain their jobs.



Australian educational courses and programs enjoy a high regard overseas. We have noticed that many providers are now actively promoting the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment in Asia and Internationally through partnerships with overseas providers. This too is an exciting development in adult education but is also one that raises concerns.

Whilst it is wonderful to see that the fee for the training and assessment programs have plummeted over the years, it is essential that the quality of the delivery, the information and skills provided and the support that learners receive does not suffer as a result.  If this was to happen it would cause irreparable damage to the adult education industry, as well as taint the good name of the Australian training standards.


Searching for quality workplace trainer programs

Finding a course provider who offers the best fee for the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment involves more than typing keywords in a search engine box.

It involves planning and a specific course of action.  We will address all of these in future articles.

Advertisers of the Cert IV in Training and Assessment use keywords that are dictated by the number of search statistics provided by search engines.

The prominence of the results on a webpage does not in any way reflect the level of professionalism or the quality of the product offered.

There are many providers using devious (also referred to as “black hat”) techniques to secure high positioning in search engine results.

You can easily find evidence of some of these by entering the URL of the RTO on the search engine search box. Some of the results are likely to be amusing.

Despite the efforts at eliminating devious ways to achieve a prominent place in search results, there is ample evidence that those with large budgets are able to circumvent these preventative measures by hiring masses of contractors who post hundreds of thousands of links in blogs and other social media.

These links are often totally unrelated to the topic of vocational training and offer no value whatsoever to the reader. They are only there to drive traffic to the intended site.

High competition, and the lowering of the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment cost, and the increase in costs of paid advertising (some course providers pay to Google up to $5.00 per click to show up on the top page) is rampant.

Because of this RTOs are being forced to adopt all available options in an attempt to rank high in organic (non paid) results.


Ask questions and carry out a thorough assessment before you enrol

Obtaining quality resources from an ethical and reliable course provider who is dedicated to supporting their customer’s long-term with updates and upgrades, is vital to all professional vocational trainers.

When conducting a search, pay attention to the quality of the site you are visiting.

Look for signals of professionalism and integrity and a friendly disposition. Switch on your intuition and trust it.

Learn the important points you need to consider when searching for the best Certificate IV in Training and Assessment cost.

Use these guidelines when selecting your RTO from the several thousand search results you will generate online.

It is important to realize that the process of obtaining the best Certificate IV in Training and Assessment cost involves more than just knowing how to use a search engine.

We are receiving more and more requests for help from students of the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment who chose their providers solely based on cost.

These students have later discovered additional hidden fees or have been unable to obtain student support or finding the training material to be difficult to access or to understand. You can avoid all these challenges and barriers to learning by using the information you have gained in this article and using your discretion.

A future article will provide a step-by-step guide on how to select the best Certificate IV in Training and Assessment cost.

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For questions regarding the enrolment process, upgrade or RPL please contact us, or click on the banner offering the special low fee.