how to become a trainer

How to become a trainer 

So you want to learn how to become a trainer?
Change of career? Returning to the workforce? Interested in part time work reviewing students’ assignments? All that is possible when you become a qualified trainer.  This page will provide you all the information you need on how to become a trainer.
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Benefits of learning how to become a trainer – a qualified trainer that is :-)

The fulfilment of helping people through vocational education

Helping others to achieve new skills, obtain new qualifications and improve their lives through vocational training is, without doubt, one of the most rewarding career that anyone can undertake.  This is certainly the primary reason that led me to learn how to become a trainer.

As an educator delivering adult vocational courses I have witnessed miracles happen in peoples’ lives.  I have observed young people who had dropped out of school because they thought they were told they were to “dumb” to learn anything, snap out of their passive depressive state and become excited and enthusiastic and excel in their studies.

One of the best experiences I still vividly remember was when the mother of one such “dumb and hopeless” young person came to my office to ask me what had I done to her son.

“I have never seen him like this.  He has not watched TV or played games since he started your course.  He is actually studying and he is even teaching me what he has learned”.

She was that impressed with the work we had done with her son she asked me if I could help her learn how to become a trainer.

You can imagine how I felt.


 How to become a trainer

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The commercial benefits of learning how to become a trainer

The advent of new technology and the sudden shifts in economic conditions inevitably leads to retrenchments and redundancies.

Through no fault of their own experience staff are often laid off, skilled public servants are made redundant and even senior management positions are axed in an effort to save costs.  If this is you, this would be a great time to become a certified corporate trainer.  Start a new career and learn how to become a good trainer with us :-)


Use these Google search tips to find out how to become a trainer and obtain the training job you desire

We also know that the chances of more mature people finding new employment are scarce—despite the fact that more mature staff bring a wealth of experience into any business.

This is not so with trainers.  Vocational Trainers can be of any age.  Indeed more mature people make better trainers than their younger counterparts. 

This is because more mature trainers are usually more experienced with everyday life issues, are generally more patient and understanding with trainees and bring the benefit of long-term practical experience in their vocational field.

A real-life example is that of a good friend who had been a police officer and police trainer for more than 16 years.  Due to an accident at work resulting in physical injuries he was forced to resign.  I suggested to him to learn how to become a trainer and he agreed that this would be a good option for him. 

After a brief rest period, he decided to learn how to become a fitness trainer, a field he was passionate about.   He enrolled in a university-run course that helped him get the qualifications to become a certified personal trainer. 

After a brief period working in various gyms, he decided to start his own business and he is now privately coaching business people who are too busy to go to gyms but still want to keep up with their fitness.  His business appeals to people who are looking for a “personal trainer near me” niche. 

He now has a thriving business and is now planning to add a corporate trainer job description specialty to the services he offers his clients.


How to become a trainer delivering adult education programs 

The first step is to identify your area of enjoyment and expertise.

Did you notice that I mentioned “enjoyment” first?  This is because unless you enjoy the topic you deliver, you are unlikely to become an “excellent” vocational trainer.

Trainees and learners are “psychic” :-).   The moment you stand in front of them they will know whether you are “just doing your job” or whether you are actually passionate about the subject you are teaching.

Learning from a trainer that is “just doing the job” can be a painful and excruciating experience.  Learning from people who relish their subject matter is inspiring, exhilarating and life-changing.

So if you have been an accountant all your life and hated it—please do not apply for a job as accountancy trainer at a college.

In such a case, pick an activity that you are very good at, that you are skilled in and that you enjoy.  When you enrol in our how to become a trainer course, our friendly student support staff will call you as part of the enrolment process.  Discuss your training needs with them.

For example: if you are an accountant who loves gardening and who has taken courses in gardening and is skilled in all aspects of gardening—teach gardening!

You may have to undertake a few more courses in gardening to boost your resume and your qualifications—but this is hardly going to be a chore—right?


Gathering credentials, references and preparing a resume

Gather evidence of every course you attended, lectures, meeting (informal or otherwise), workshops, books, articles, publications you authored, awards, accolades you received from customers and clients and anything else that supports your passion and competency in the field you want to teach.

Hire a professional resume organization to help you prepare an awesome resume. 

Avoid do-it-yourself resumes.  The money you will invest in a professional resume will be well spent because possible employers will instantly recognize a professionally prepared resume.  It could be the deciding factor in whether you get hired or not. 

Why?  Because people who invest in a professionally prepared resume demonstrate confidence in their abilities and a commitment to excellence. 

If necessary, undertake a seminar or short course in public speaking.  All universities and colleges run these courses regularly.  If you cannot find one at your local university or college contact a private company.  

Communication skill courses are excellent for building confidence in speaking to groups and can also be a lot of fun.

Your future training employer does not need you to be a skilled orator, but they will look for the ability to speak to a small group with confidence and ease.  For this reason, many training organization will convene a small interviewing panel and will ask candidates to introduce themselves to the panel.


Learn how to be a trainer with the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

The Certificate IV in Training and Assessment is a nationally recognized qualification in Australia listed in the Australian Government website ( 

All vocational trainers delivering nationally recognized training courses must hold this qualification.  So this the qualification you need if you are interested in learning how to become a trainer and delivering nationally recognized course in Australia.

Australian vocational educational courses are highly regarded throughout the world.  The standards of the Australian Vocational Education are very high and the course material is regularly reviewed and updated.   For this reason, many employers around the world respect the qualification.  


How to become a trainer

Safecity Openlearning Network is a registered training provider (Registration number 1367).  They have been conducting vocational training programs both by distance education and face to face for over 20 years.  

The Certificate IV in Training and Assessment teaches you how to train and provides you with the tools, resources and guidelines necessary to deliver a professional vocational training program.

There are no educational prerequisites for this course.   All you need is fluency in English, a PC or laptop and access to the internet.

You can read more about the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment by visiting

Or the Safecity Openlearning official website

What are you waiting for?  Learn how to become a trainer, get a new start in life with a new career as a professional vocational trainer.

Good luck!

how to become a trainer