TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

is a nationally recognised qualification in Australia. All trainers conducting nationally recognised courses are required to hold the qualification.

The TAE40110 is a senior qualification; as a Certificate IV qualification, it requires a high degree of skills and responsibility.

In recent years there have been many changes to the VET system in Australia. State Training Authorities have witnessed radical changes all pointing towards a more centralised and uniform approach.


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A rapidly changing training qualification

The changes have also affected all the industry’s stakeholders: the students, the trainers, and the RTOs delivering the qualifications superseded by the TAE40110.

There is little doubt that the industry will witness more radical changes in the in the near future. It is very clear that the Australian Government is committed to the streamlining and the “purification” of the industry.

This is a very good thing. Indeed, since the arrival of the TAE and of ASQA (the new governing body) there have been many welcomed changes. One, in particular, is the obvious intent of ridding the industry of undesirable elements.


Imminent changes to the TAE40110 qualification


One of the likely changes is likely to be in the assessment requirements of learners undertaking the course. Students will be required to deliver courses to classes consisting of a set number of students as part of their program.

TAE40110 students are required to show proof of competency in delivering training to individuals and small groups. In the past, the number of people constituting a “group” was not clearly defined. In the near future, the minimum number of student group participants will be clearly defined by the governing authority.

The TAE40110 rpl process.

Whenever a qualification is upgraded, trainers are required to undergo a process called RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) or RCC (Recognition of Current Competency) a more accurate description of the process.

Visit the dedicated rpl page or this well documented and helpful rpl site.


There are many resources available to online and face-to-face students. These resources are outlined further on the resources page.


Certificate IV Course fees

Costs for the online course have plummeted recently due to healthy competition. Students have greatly benefited from these price wars and there is every indication that the discounts will continue to hold for a considerable time to come. Details of our fees can be viewed here.

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