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Written by Alexander Wilon

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TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

This is the beautiful certificate that you will be receiving when you complete your TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment course with us :-)


TAE40110 Certificate front

TAE40110 Certificate front

Security measures in our tae40110 certificate certificate

To help prevent fraudulent use of our certificates and to protect our students from ID Theft Safecity has adopted a Student ID verification process which includes the embedding of student’s pictures in the certificate.

This prevents cheats and impostors from defrauding the system and using your name to falsify certificates.

tae40110 certificate

Prior to the arrival of the VET system and mandatory qualifications for trainers, there were no standards set for the delivery of vocational courses and training delivery staff.

On the job training and vocational training standards varied dramatically across the workplace. There was no consistency in the qualifications of the trainers and the quality of the training being delivered.




When formal qualifications for trainers were introduced most professional trainers welcomed and embraced the concept of a fair and equitable VET system.

Cheats and frauds exist in all industries. ID theft and fraud have increased dramatically right across all industries.

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Educational organizations (academic and vocational) are now facing an increasing rise in the number of fraudulent individuals offering to sell “easy” certificates of competency to those who choose to cheat the system.

TAE40110 Certificate security precautions

All our TAE40110 Certificate qualifications are embedded with the image of the student.

The certificate is also serialized using a system that matches the qualifications obtained, the name of the student and the student’s picture.

Our Quality Assurance Team identifies all our students during the enrollment process using the same point system adopted by law enforcement and financial organizations.

This security risk management system prevents cheats from entering the system. It also helps protect our students from ID theft.

Employers and Registered Training Providers should always check with the educational organization whose name appears on the certificate, and verify that the qualification is genuine.

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tae40110 certificate