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TAE40110 Courses


The Certificate IV in Training and Assessment is the current (July 2014) qualification prescribed for all trainers and assessors delivering nationally recognised courses.


Let’s see in detail what the qualification title tells us.
  • TAE40110
The letters TAE tell us that the qualification come from the Training And Education.


  • TAE40110
The number 4 indicates that it is a Certificate 4 qualification. Training Packages have different levels of qualifications.  Certificate IV level courses are considered to be a senior qualification.

Graduates are expected to have significant skills in leadership and management of learners. They are also expected to be able to work in unsupervised conditions.


  • TAE40110

The 01 indicates that it is the first qualification in the package


  • TAE40110
The 10 tells us that this package was endorsed in the year 2010.  The packages are regularly reviewed and updated–so they are never static but always dynamic.
tae40110 courses learner

tae40110 courses learner


Prerequisites for attending TAE40110 Courses

There are no formal educational prerequisites for attending the program. However, students must be able to communicate in English and possess literacy and numeracy skills.

Graduates of the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment are expected to maintain currency by participating in professional development programs and attending seminars and workshops.

Conducting training even on a regular basis is only one part of demonstrating currency during a currency audit.

Many trainers holding the qualification believe that they are able to remain “current” because they are actively involved in delivering training. This is clearly not the case.

Nationally Recognised Courses in Australia.

Therefore, all Australian employers, RTOs, TAFE Colleges, and all other educational organisations are required by law to recognize the TAE40110 certificate of competency.

The Training Package governing the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment
has undergone considerable scrutiny and changes.

The video below will be of interest to students and graduates of the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment



International Students of the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

Australian courses are highly regarded internationally; and international professional workplace educators and those conducting workplace assessment to take this program in order to obtain new skills and achieve recognised qualifications.

However, there is no legal obligation for international employers to recognize a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment certificate of competency.


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